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Email: JCGOAT1217@aol.com


228-83My Name is Janet Cooper, I live in Saucier, MS. About 1 hour South of Hattiesburg and about 15 minutes from I-10. Cell: 228-861-7526228-861-7526. I've been raising goats since 1990. I have a small herd of Nubian goats that provide fresh milk and cheese for my household. I just make a couple shows a year due to other obligations and I try not to have my herd exposed to too much stress or disease. 

I did my Annual testing for CAE on all stock, September/October 2013 all results are scanned to cae tab. River has been tested for G6S - results: Normal, Domino G6S normal, Shah G6S normal.

I participate in Linear Appraisal and DHIR.

Please check back often as I will have babies at different times. Just check the FOR Sale page. I request a $100 deposit on kids, they need to be picked up by the time they are 6-8 weeks old. All kids are bottle raised and disbudded. All kids are on coccidia treatment of Baycox.
I'm feeding Purina Noble Goat Dairy Parlor 16%, BOSS, Beet pulp, Alfalfa 2x daily, Rice Bran in the winter months to add more fat,  lots of pasture and Alicia Bermuda and Peanut Hay.  I"m working on adding more browse to their routine, but they do great on pasture. I worm with herbal wormer, I started this recently and will see how it works with some fecal results.  

I offer 4-H  discounts and also discounts for herds on DHIR and LA.